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Pop Vocal Lessons for Intermediate to Pro Singers

Want to be a better pop singer? Would you like to improve your tone, sound or resonance? Do you know the "sweet spots" in your range? Every singer brings to the table their unique sound and talent. Are you where you'd like to be? Developing your talent is the key!

For example, are you having difficulties managing your range, being consistent or staying on pitch (especially on stage when you can't hear)? Are you currently recording? Do you have trouble getting what you're going for or sound the way you'd like to? Do you need more technique not to strain or effectively work with producers? Are you touring and straining your voice? Then these lessons are for you!

Work with a top vocal coach and save time, energy and money with a technique and approach that works!! Teri Danz's credits include three students currently on the Billboard charts, published books, and articles in Music Connection, Electronic Musician and many more. She was named a Top Vocal Coach by Backstage Magazine. A performer herself, Danz had a club hit (90's house record), and years of performing and recording experience. 

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    Teri Danz

    23 Years Experience

    From: United States

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    Want to be a better pop singer? Would you like to improve your tone, sound or resonance? Do you know the "sweet spots" in your range? Every singer brings to the table their unique sound and talent. Are you where you'd like to be? Developing your talent is the key! In these lessons, we'll do just that! We'll listen to your range and current technique, assess where you are and where you need (or would like) to go. You will start to learn professional pop techniques that will give you more tone, more resonance and more control over your performance. By the end of the first lesson, you will hear the difference!

    With these lessons (depending upon where you are now and how long you study), you will be able to improve your breath control, use the correct vocal placement on pitches and hold them, identify when you're off pitch (and get back on!), keep a correct body stance, use phrasing (not volume or pushing) to convey your feelings, what to sing on (vowels), how to protect your voice from strain and which key is best for you in a given song. Singing is a journey, but it's also self-discovery. These lessons give you a toolbox to sing how and what you'd like. Yay! How amazing! You don't know what you can do until you work it. 

    About the Instructor: Teri Danz, named by Backstage Magazine as one of the best Vocal Coaches, one of the Best Singing Teachers by for 2018 as well as a Backstage 2014 Reader’s Choice Finalist, is an American club hit recording artist and vocal coach. Over a long and successful singing career, she has many notable music industry figures such as famed music promoter Ian Copeland along with many others delighted and moved by her emotional mezzo voice, her passionate fueled performances, and truly inspired songs. Ian Copeland was even quoted as proclaiming, "Teri Danz is a club owner’s dream band!"

    As a vocal coach, Teri has over 25 years of hands-on experience and is well known, highly skilled, and deeply respected in her field. She is an expert in "pop techniques", and has even written a book, “Vocal Essentials for the Pop Singer: Take Your Singing for Good to Great” on the topic. With numerous albums, of varying styles from her early 90's dance/club hits, to R n B, rock, and acoustic, Teri can do it all. When she is not making music of her own, she helps coach individuals and also runs workshops such as her "Sing Like A Pop Star -Live! Vocal Performance Workshop."


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