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by Jithendranath R

27 Years Experience

A dynamic Sound Designer with 7 years of experience in audio production and creation. Has given voice to several movie songs.

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: English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam

Course Summary

Students who have learned the fundamentals of Carnatic vocal music can now upgrade their skills and knowledge base to the next level. This course is designed will help them to enhance their vocal prowess and explore the endless possibilities of this traditional music genre. 

After completion of this course, the students will gain the confidence to perform in competitions and concerts. This course will primarily emphasize raga and tala classification, musical forms, and more. It will prepare the students for the advanced Carnatic Vocal Training.

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Teacher's Profile

Jithendranath R

Experience: 27 Years

From: India

  • Teacher Skill Keywords

    Teacher Skill Keywords

    Indian Classical Music, Vocal Training, Classical Singing, Professional Teacher, Carnatic Vocals, Carnatic Music, Keerthanams, Vocal Exercises
  • Education


    B.Com from Mumbai University

    Diploma from School Of Audio Engineering

  • Work Details

    Work Details

    Associate Sound Engineer - Sound.Com - India

    Audio Engineer and Sound Designer - Inframe Productions LLC - UAE

    Creative Director - Visual Masters - UAE

    Music Trainer - Online Carnatic Vocal Classes

    Data Acquisition - Modeler - Cheers Interactive Private Ltd

    Music Educator - Subramaniam Academy of Performing Arts (SaPa India)

About the Course

This intermediate course will include Varnams and Keerthanams in different Ragas along with the execution of Gamakas and Brigas. 

Gamakas are a beautified or ornamented way of singing a note that involves a variation of the pitch of the note, using oscillation or glides between the notes.

Brigas involve a fast-paced rendition of a particular phrase or a set of notes. 

Apart from revising the concepts of the beginner’s level classes, the students will explore the following concepts in this course:

1. Adi Tala Varnam - Eight-beat primary rhythm, where the pattern repeats over and over through the complete education of the composition. This is the most common and popular tala in Carnatic composition. 

2. Ata Tala Varnam - Most popular among the Sapta Talas. These talas are set to alankaras and it is a 14-beat cycle.

3. Ragamalika - Means garland of ragas. It’s a mix of different ragas in a single composition but blended in a very beautiful way. 

4. Introduction to Keerthanams - Keerthanams means praise. Compositions to praise the how Gods and deities. Every Carnatic composition is segregated into Pallavi (introductory part of the song), Anu Pallavi (second part), and Charanam (third part). In Keerthanam, there might not be the Anu Pallavi. Instead, it might have more Charanams - each with a different tune. Eg - Maha Ganapathim in Natta Raga by Deekshitar

This intermediate-level course takes about 1 to 2 years or more depending upon the student's ability to grasp and practice. 

The course is divided over the duration of 100 weeks depending upon the talent. 

This course will cover all essential intermediate topics including raga and tala classification, musical forms, and more. 

About the Teacher

Jithendranath R has been practicing Carnatic Classical Vocal Music for 27 years now. He is a skilled music teacher who is eager to impart the knowledge of music to aspiring students. Students will learn about the history and vocal techniques. They will also get exposure as performing vocalists. 

Jithendranath R has been teaching Carnatic vocal music for the past 8 years. He is passionate to share diverse music styles and expressions with the students. His teaching style emphasizes strong attention to detail in a creative and friendly style. His curriculum prioritizes student engagement and enjoyment by tailoring classes to suit different learning abilities. 

He is a dynamic Sound Designer with 7 years of experience in audio production and creation. He is also adept at Foley artistry and music selection and composition by providing high-quality sound editing. 

Jithendranath has also done playback singing in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi Languages. To name some of the movies where he has given his voice include - 'Ritu', 'Female Unnikrishnan', 'Romba Nallavanda Nee', 'Moods Of Crime', 'Mumbaikar' etc.

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Available For All Age-Groups

Available For All Age-Groups

315 Online live sessions completed

315 Online live sessions completed

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Pay as you go - 2 classes at a time

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