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by Manjunath BC

30 Years Experience

Performed in more than 45 countries & with the late Bharat Ratna Pt. Ravi Shankar.

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This course is an introductory course to teach students the basics of Konnakol or voice percussion practiced in Carnatic or South Indian Classical music. Konnakol can also be termed as the mimic of the mridangam instrument. Konnakol is the art of reciting syllables while simultaneously counting the tala by hand. Students successfully completing this course will be able to render taught syllables in form of words or sentences inside the frame of a rhythmic cycle or tala.

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Manjunath BC

Experience: 30 Years

From: India

  • Teacher Skill Keywords

    Konnakol, World Musician
  • Education

    from Ganakalabhushana K N Krishnamurthy, Sangeetha Kalanidhi Dr T K murthy

  • Work Details

    Director - Freelance Musician

  • 501 Online live sessions completed

    This particular teacher is already a hit among our students.
  • About the Course

    This course is the foundation course for learning Konnakol or voice percussion in Carnatic or South Indian Classical music. Konnakol can also be termed as the mimic of a mridangam instrument. In this course students get a brief introduction about the origins of Konnakol and its relation to the percussion instrument mridangam. They get introduced to the terms used in the artform and their meaning for e.g akshara meaning a beat within a tala. Further on students will be taught the different syllables that combine to form words or sentences framed within a rhythmic cycle. Syllables such as Tha. Dhi, Thom, Dha Kita are recited verbally, mimicking the sounds of a percussion instrument, more so the mridangam. Students will also learn about tala or rhythmic cycle which relates to the rhythmic pattern in any composition. Moving ahead, this course will teach students about the different hand movements that accompany the vocal recital of syllables in Konnakol. Students will then be taught jathi or reciting a string of vocal syllables in Konnakol. Students will also get educated on the basic lessons such as balapathas meaning basic solfeges, paluvarasas, mohras, korvai, nades or subdivision of beats.

    After successful completion of this course, students can gear themselves for the next course which will look in detail at the different patterns of Konnakol, dwelling further into the tala system: Basics of Konnakol | Vocal Percussion - Level II

    About BC Manjunath: Representing the fourth generation of musicians in his family, BC Manjunath has been practicing the mridangam for the last 35 years. Performing on stage for the last 30 years, BC Manjunath has had the good fortune of performing alongside the greatest exponents of music namely Pt. Ravi Shankar, Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna, Mysore M. Nagraj, Dr. Suma Sudhindra, Gnana Kalabhushana K.N. Krishnamurthy and many more. Having trained under the illustrious Sangeet Kalanidhi Dr. T. K. Murthy, BC Manjunath himself has been teaching since the age of 15. Touring across the world, the vocal percussionist has performed at more than 45 countries, performing at some of the well renowned landmark locations such as Sydney Opera House, Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, Jazz at Lincoln Center, New York and many more. 

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    Konnakol is used for vocal reference for all Karnatic percussion instruments. It can be referred to in relation to the mridangam. As, mridangam is considered the principal percussion instrument in Karnatic Music.

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