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Guitar Basics | Western Style | Guitar Teacher Teaches How To Play The Guitar

by Sanjay Chandrakanth


This course is the first step forward for any guitar enthusiast wishing to learn the instrument, guitar. It touches on the elementary and rudimentary factors of guitar playing, that are absolutely essential for students to progress and enhance their guitar playing abilities, both professionally or as a hobby. 

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Educator Profile

Sanjay Chandrakanth

35 Years Experience

From: India

  • Teacher Skill Keywords:

    Rock, Electric Guitar, guitar

Course Details

This beginners course in guitar is a must learn course for students interested in progressing to become a guitarist, be it to satiate their urge for pursuing a hobby or progressing professionally. This course will begin with the very basics about the guitar, its physical attributes and terminology, the types of guitars available, the correct posture when holding the guitar as well as the right and left-hand coordination.

Further on the course will educate students about the different roles played by a lead guitarist, bass and rhythm guitarist. Moving on further, the course will dwell upon the theoretical aspects of scales and chords, educating students about major, minor scales and chords on the guitar. It would teach students chordal accompaniment, meaning, the part a guitarist plays when someone is playing the melody or soloing.

The course will continue by providing students know-how about comping that derives from the word complement and means the effort of the guitarist to complement or support a musician’s improvised solo or melody lines. It will then educate students about, time signatures, strumming, which relate to the action of the guitarist making a sweeping action, where a fingernail or plectrum brushes across all strings in order to set them into motion. The course in its later stages will train students on finger-friendly techniques such as flat-picking and dynamic control with the playing hand, finally concluding with training on the practice routines and basic guitar maintenance.

After successful completion of this course, students can gear themselves for the next course tailored by Sanjay Chandrakanth: Specialization Course on Guitar | Western Style

About Sanjay Chandrakanth: Adept at playing different styles of music, be it blues, rock, jazz, funk or sufi, Sanjay’s heart lies with classic rock. His knowledge about music, especially the guitar has been honed through 3 decades of dedication. Inspired by legends such as Carlos Santana, David Gilmour, Eddie Van Halen, Gary Moore and Joe Satriani, Sanjay has been a member of umpteen bands through the 80’s, when rock culture was still in its nascent stage in the country. Having mastered the guitar, Sanjay now dedicates his efforts towards imparting the treasure trove of knowledge he has accumulated through the years. Sanjay’s intent at sharing his best with his students and everyone else keen to learn about the guitar helped him develop this digital tutoring module for guitar. Sanjay currently oversees his guitar tutoring firm ‘Stringdom’, as mentor.


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