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by Sourabh Goho

20 Years Experience

Played for a famous band Alfareros in their album 70 Veces 7 which won the Latin Grammy award for best album in Latin Music.

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Course Summary

This long term course is best suited for students who have completed their beginners course in playing the tabla. This course looks at polishing the foundation of basics of tabla playing in hindustani classical style of music. It introduces students to compositions such as Kaida, Rela, Laggi, Tukra, Chakradar, Paran and Gats played on the basis of Teentaal (16 beats), Jhaptaal (10 beats), Dadra (6 beats), Keherwa (8 beats) and Rupak (7 beats). By the culmination of this course, students enrolling for this course will be able to practice and render a performance based on the mentioned compositions adhering to the 5 different time cycles or beat cycles known as taals. Basic Taal Laya (rhythm exercises) will be taught to develop a good command over the laya.

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Teacher's Profile

Sourabh Goho

Experience: 20 Years

From: India

  • Teacher Skill Keywords

    Professional Music, Tabla
  • Education

    B.Com (Honours) from Calcutta University.

    MBA (Marketing) from Heritage Business School

  • Work Details

    Associate Director - Indradhanu

    Online Tabla Mentor - ipassio

  • 1,392 Online live sessions completed

    This particular teacher is already a hit among our students.
  • About the Course

    This long term course looks to strengthen the foundation laid out during the beginners course. Students in this course move on from practicing bols or syllable phrases to practicing and playing compositions. The teacher will begin teaching compositions with shurwaat or the beginning in solo tabla playing. Each composition has its own distinct characteristics. Students are taught to observe and adhere to these characteristics when playing the instrument. Kaida which is the next composition after shuruaat, adheres to a strict composition structure. Students get to play and learn each bol and the finger technique to render the bol on the tabla. They learn the application of each bol and its improvisation in kaida. Moving ahead, students get to practice rela, here in, students learn to play, repeating bols at increased speed.

    The next composition structure students are taught is the tukra, which predominantly is played at the culmination of a solo performance. It too like rela is characterised by bols played at speed. Further on in the course students get to practice chakradar with a distinct characteristic that adheres to a cyclical form of rendering bols or syllable on the tabla, played or repeated thrice or in three cycles. Progressing further students are introduced to gat compositions, this composition provides students plenty of room for interpretation and improvisations. The various compositions taught in this course are all played as per a rhythmic cycle of beats. Students playing the different compositions follow fixed patterns of rhythm which is either a 16 beat rhythm as in the case of teen taal, a ten beat rhythm pattern termed jhaptaal or a seven beat cycle known as rupak. By the culmination of this course students are well versed with the basics of tabla playing, elementary compositions and playing these compositions as per rhythm cycles or taals.

    If the student wants to learn more insights on the Basics of playing tabla, here is another course tailored by Sourabh Goho: Tabla Basics | Hindustani Classical | Tabla Lessons For Beginners In Tabla Training Course

    About Sourabh Goho: Music is in his genes. Born to an acclaimed musician father, Harmonium Maestro Pandit Jyoti Goho, Sourabh entered the world of music at the tender age of five. A couple years later Sourabh was training with renowned Tabla Legend, Late Pandit Shankar Ghosh and also took talim from Eminent Percussionist and Composer, Maestro Bickram Ghosh. Another couple years and the young tabla player was performing for his master’s orchestra at the age of nine. Sourabh’s undoubted talent kept evolving complimented by his perfecting skills, leading him to earn a National Scholarship Award from the Government of India in 2010. The scholarship, is not the only feather in his cap as he has accumulated awards and accolades aplenty. Sourabh as a young exponent of tabla, has been enchanting audiences, at home and abroad, with his skillful mastery of the tabla. He has recently been a participant in the coveted Latin Grammy award winning album "70 Veces 7" of a famous band from Latin America called Alfareros. Sourabh currently teaches Tabla in five continents and in 10 countries around the globe. He has successfully taught more than 50+ online students and 100+ students physically at his institute Indradhanu in Kolkata. In his late twenties, Sourabh has a bright distinct future in front of him with every possibility he gets his name etched in the history books as one among the illustrious tabla artists of his generation. 



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    Oral notation of tabla comprises onomatopoetic syllables called bols. It was Vishnu Digambar, Vishnu Narayan who created the notation system. These notations are preference based and not standardized.The systems have bols written down in a script such as Devanagari.

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