Art of Playing Violin | Hindustani Classical | Level 2

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Sharat Chandra
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This 26 week long term course is for students interested to learn the art of playing a violin in hindustani classical style. This course will introduce students to ragas on the violin, progressing further to focus on techniques relating to posture, holding the instrument, tuning the instrument and playing specific ragas on the violin. Students at the culmination of this course will be able to render a 10 to 15 minute musical piece on the violin.

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54 Weeks
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Educator Profile

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First Name
Sharat Chandra
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35 Years
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Basics of Violin
Hindustani Classical Music
North Indian Style
Violin Lessons
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Learnt Violin under my grandfather / Guru Pt. Joi Srivastava
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Students enrolling for this long term course will be trained by the maestro of violin, Sharath Chandra Srivastava. This course teaching students the art of playing violin in hindustani classic style will commence with the teacher providing a brief history about the stringed instrument violin and its emergence in India. They will be informed about the different parts of the violin. Moving ahead, students will learn about the posture when sitting down to play a violin. This course will then educate students about the hand positioning on the violin as well as the understanding on how to hold the bow while playing. It will also elaborate on fine tuning the violin for optimum results. The posture and hand positioning are vital requisites as they ensure the artist is at ease when playing the violin. Further on students will be briefed about the different gharanas of music in hindustani classical music with emphasis on the senia gharana, the style of play, practiced by the teacher. Further on, in the course students will be introduced to terminologies frequently used to describe the different aspects of hindustani classical music, like tempo, rhythm etc. The following sessions will introduce students to the concept of raga, a foundational component of hindustani classical music. Students will learn about the structure of a raga and other information related to the raga. Students in this course will learn two specific ragas, namely, raga bhupali and bhairav. They will also learn about the tala or rhythm cycle, an important component when playing an instrument. This course will teach students the rhythm cycle followed in respect to teen tala, a 16 beat cycle played in measures of 4 beats. Based on the student's progress they will be introduced to improvisation of ragas such as alap, jor, jhala extra. It will also teach students to improvise ragas with other forms of music such as jazz, rock, etc. On successful completion of this course students would have gained the capability to render a 10 to 15 minute raga composition on the violin. Successful students will also get a commemorative certificate by the teacher, marked with his initials.

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About Sharat Chandra Srivastava: Born in the family of legendary violinist Pt. Joi Srivastava, Sharat Chandra Srivastava was destined to carry forward his grandfather's legacy. Sharat started playing at a nascent age of seven under the able guidance of his grandfather, specialising in the senia gharana style of hindustani classical music. Playing on the circuit for the last twenty five years, Sharat has very capably handled the responsibility of carrying forward the art of playing the violin. In fact, to his credit, he has been able to make violin playing blend with the demands of time. He was for a period of twelve years, a performing member of the well known rock band, ‘Parikrama’. His effortless style of play has taken him far and wide to countries like the UK , Scotland and Switzerland, training students on the stringed instrument at university level. He has also imparted training at the prestigious Gandharva Mahavidyalaya for a period of nine years. Sharat’s talent has seen him perform with some of the well known names in hindustani classical music, personalities such as Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Padma Vibhushan Pt. Hariprasad Chourasia and Pt. Birju Maharaj. Presently Sharat is involved with another unique effort called ‘Mrigya’, an endeavour to infuse indian classical music with blues to enthrall audiences both in the east and the west.

Value Additions

This course ensures you get a rightful start to your passion of learning the violin. It not only introduces you to terminologies, the different styles of music prevalent in hindustani classical music, sitting posture and hand movements. It also introduces you to the fundamentals of ragas and talas, a foundational component of hindustani classical music. Ths course boosts your confidence to further learn the stringed instrument by enabling you to play a ten to 15 minute raga composition on the violin, without assistance.

Course Specific Benefits

This course is conducted by a young and versatile exponent of the violin who has been playing the instrument for the last thirty years. His lineage ensured he learnt the violin from one of the stalwarts in violin playing Pt. Joi Srivastava, a bonus for students in terms of learning intricacies of the art. Students get to reap the benefits of learning from the maestro who through his vast experience of playing with rock bands and internationally, ensures that students get to learn as per the current trends in music.


Students enrolling for this course need to possess:

1. A violin;

2. An electronic tanpura; and

3. Basic knowledge of hindustani classical music.

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How much time should a student enrolling for this course practice everyday?
Students should invest a minimum of one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening for practice.
What extras would the student receive as course material apart from the live sessions?
Students will receive PDF’s or written notes apart from the sessions, as and when required.
What if a student is unable to attend an upcoming class?
The student is required to inform the teacher about his absence from a particular session, two days prior to the class. In such a case, the teacher will reschedule the class and conduct the rescheduled class on or before the end (i.e. Saturday) of the ensuing week or such other time as may be mutually decided between the teacher and the student. In case the student misses to give two days prior notice about his absence to the teacher, then the decision to conduct another class for that student is completely based on teacher’s discretion.
What if the teacher wishes to reschedule a class?
In case the teacher is unavailable for the scheduled class, he/she will inform the students two days prior to the class. The teacher will conduct the rescheduled class on or before the end (i.e. Saturday) of the ensuing week or such other time as may be mutually decided between the teacher and the student.
How long will the teacher take to revert to a query raised after class hours?
Students should get a response within 24 hours, if the teacher is not preoccupied or traveling.
Does the teacher for this course have specific expectations from the student?
Students should practice diligently all that is taught in the class.
Can this course be customized?
Courses can be customized depending on the progress made by the student, through the course.
Would there be an assessment to gauge the progress of students? Would they get certified on completion of this course? Will they get guidance on preparing for examinations conducted by a university or institute?
Yes, there will be assessments to gauge the progress made by the student. Students will get a commemorative certificate with the teacher's initials on it. Students can get guidance in order to appear for examinations to get graded on their musical efficiency, but the terms and conditions in such an instance would vary.

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