Online Hindustani Classical Vocals for Children







by Ashvini Modak

25 Years Experience

Awarded Surmani in 2000. A senior disciple of Padmabhushan Dr. Prabha Atre.

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Course Summary

‘Music has the power of forming the character and should therefore be introduced into the education of the young.’- Aristotle

Keeping this in mind acclaimed vocalist Ashvini Modak has designed classes to inculcate musical skills in children aged 5-9 years. In this course, expert Ashvini will enhance the vocal range of children through the fundamentals of Swaras and the study of Sargam Geet. Since children are like clay, Ashvini will mold them in the best way and turn their singing hobby into a passion for life, through 1-on-1, OnliVe (online + live) sessions.


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Teacher's Profile

Ashvini Modak

Experience: 25 Years

From: India

  • Teacher Skill Keywords

    Hindustani Vocals
  • Education

    Master of Music (Gold Medalist) from Khairagarh University, Chattisgarh

    Sangeet Visharad from Gandharv Mandal, Mumbai

  • Work Details

    Teaching Faculty - Gurukul of Padma Bhushan Dr. Prabha Atre Foundation.

    Faculty for Hindustani Classical Vocal - Shankar Mahadevan Academy.

About the Course

The course ‘Online Hindustani Classical Vocals for Children’ has a well-thought course structure. The topics include:

  • Introduction to Hindustani Classical Music
  • Understanding of Swaras
  • Basic Swara patterns and their practicing techniques
  • Introduction to Sargam Geet through Ragas like Bhupali, Kafi, Bhairav, and Bhairavi

About the Teacher: A child prodigy, Ashvini Modak started her music journey at the age of five. With an impressive experience of 25+ years, Ashvini (who belongs to Kirana Gharana) is an expert on the Hindustani classical tradition.

She has been tutored by maestros like vocalist Smt. Latika V. Vyaghrambare, Pt. Shri Bimlendu Mukherjee of Imdadkhani Gharana, and "Padmabhushan" Dr. Prabha Atre.

Ashvini Modak has a master’s degree in music from Khairagarh University in Hindustani classical vocals. Apart from being proficient in Khyal Gayaki, she has enthralled her audiences with semi-classical forms like Thumri, Dadra, and Bhajans. 

Ashvini is a B High-grade artist of All India Radio (AIR) Pune. She has also been empanelled by the ICCR as a reference artist. She is working as a faculty at the Gurukul of Dr. Prabha Atre Foundation. 

Ashvini Modak has participated in and conducted several workshops & seminars on semi-classical music (Thumri – Dadra) as an instructor along with “Padmabhushan Dr. Prabha Atre” at Goa (organized by Govt. of Goa). 



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Traditionally, Hindu Hindustani classical music practitioners are referred to as Pandit and Muslim practitioners as Ustad. Religious neutrality has been an essential aspect of Hindustani music since Sufi times; this is why Ustads could sing compositions in praise of Hindu deities and vice versa.

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